How We Work



UPLIFTERS offers following to raise money for your SCHOOL

Package A: 

-        UPLIFTERS create the samples for approval

-        school submits a purchase order

-        40 pc minimum per style

-        One bulk order,  one delivery address  

(depending on how you set your final retail pricing…expect a 30 % profit margin for the school) **NOTE: 50% deposit of purchase order is required to begin production 


Package B 

-        We create the samples for presale event 

-        We create shopping site including flat lay product shots, descriptions, sizing & pricing.

-        No minimum / no risk

-        2 to 3 week flash pre sale 

-        Orders are delivered is 4 weeks after close of the pre sale site

-        each order is individually prepacked can be shipped to one shipping location for one low flat rate  OR customer can choose direct shipping to their address and current Shipping rates will be applied.


(15% of retail price goes to the school) **NOTE: % is donated for each style that meets minimum sales goal



Package C  

-        we create the samples for the presale event 

-        we create a teaser website including flat lay product shots, descriptions, sizing & pricing.

-        School takes the individual orders and submits one final bulk purchase order 

-        25 piece minimum per style 

-        One bulk order is delivered 4 weeks after final purchase order is submitted

-        The orders will be drop shipped to one address and school picks and distributes each order via parent volunteers.


(25% of retail price goes to the school) **NOTE: % is donated for each style that meets minimum sales goal


    1. Concepts will be developed only after SCHOOL submits deadline, style inspiration. Inspiration includes: past popular styles, style guidelines, typefaces, colors, themes, etc.
    2.  Any limitations to our creative freedom must be mentioned before we create the first round of mockups.
    1. 1st round is developed from the SCHOOL’s submitted style guidelines, criteria, requests, and inspiration. The final style of garments can be later decided after graphics are approved.
    2. SCHOOL is expected to present UPLIFTER’s first round of offerings to any board, committee, or decision maker involved in approving the SCHOOL’s offerings.
    1. At this time the SCHOOL is responsible for ensuring all graphics are up to the school's criteria & guidelines and communicating with UPLIFTERS to make changes on offerings.
  4. SECOND ROUND OF GRAPHICS (including feedback)
    1. 2nd round’s purpose is to finalize graphics and garments the graphics should live on. At this time all desired garments should be discussed for UPLIFTERS to create the final offerings for SCHOOL’s collection. 
  5. THIRD ROUND OF MOCKUPS (if necessary)
    1. 3rd round is intended for final approval including all feedback thus far. At this time SCHOOL must confirm the final graphic direction and garments for approval.
    2. If at this time SCHOOL requests more changes to artwork, UPLIFTERS charges changes at $85 / hour.


  1. Samples can be made available at the SCHOOL’s request and are released by UPLIFTERS only after taking a credit card on file. 
  2. UPLIFTERS offers
    1.  Blank samples of garment (w/o graphic)  credit card will not be charged unless samples are not returned
    2. Exact samples of garment (complete w/ graphic) for purchase, credit card will be charged as soon as samples are ordered.
    3. In both cases, shipping charges are the responsibility of the SCHOOL.


  1. After final approval of collection UPLIFTERS will create site on to host SCHOOL’s sale.
  2. Sizing, specs,  mock up styles or flat lay images will be provided by UPLIFTERS.
  3. Final pricing is up to the discretion of UPLIFTERS. UPLIFTERS will take into consideration any desired price points by SCHOOL, along with UPLIFTERS cost to produce.
  4. Sale will live on site for dates agreed on by both parties to maximize sales.


  1. All sales made on hosted site or through purchase order are FINAL SALE as they are a custom production. No returns will be accepted so all customers are advised to take note of appropriate sizing.
  2. All changes to orders must be made before the close of sale and production.
  3. Customer Service will be available from throughout sale and distribution period.


  1. Treatment and final prints of production will be up to the discretion of  UPLIFTERS based on design and production limits. SCHOOL will be notified of any production changes.
  2. UPLIFTERS will ship bulk order /  pre-packaged / direct shipments to SCHOOL or customers 3-4 weeks after close of sale.
  3. For Purchase Orders: 50% deposit is required from SCHOOL to begin production of order.



  1. Payment to SCHOOL if any will be made at least 3 weeks after final orders have been shipped as orders settle in.

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