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The Uplifters was started by wife and husband team Staci Woo & Mike Badt in the heart of Los Angeles.

She's a Northern California native and designer of the household name Woo, a well-loved vintage brand.

He's a certified expert in the Santa Monica beach lifestyle and connoisseur of all things casual.


From the beginning, the dream was to produce locally - with intention. The idea is to create something you’ll love forever, it’s what we call ‘Future Vintage’. 

The Uplifters was originally a social club founded in 1913 with the motto: "to uplift art and promote good fellowship". We wanted to carry this creed forward with our lifestyle brand.

Thus, our version of the Uplifters was born, inspired by California beach culture and the free spirit of the original hijinx hucksters who created a unique enclave in Rustic Canyon.


The Uplifters exists to create coveted styles that will stand the test of time. From t-shirts to sweats, our pieces are chic enough to wear anywhere with the added bonus of being the comfiest thing in your closet.

We invite you to join The Uplifters community today!