Let's Make Custom Gear!

 We walk you through the entire process of creating quality goods that will decrease waste while increasing your revenue and brand value. No experience needed- creating custom goods has never been easier! 
There is no project too small for some custom Uplifters gear. Whether its for your school, club, fundraiser, family reunion, start-up, whatever size your cause, with flexible pricing from design all the way to fulfillment, we got you!



With us, its as easy as 1-2-3-4:

How We Work 

 Creating great products is a valuable opportunity to extend the branding of any organization or event; and most importantly -- its better for the environment! On average, Americans throw away 80lbs of used clothing every year, which contributes to the 15 million tons of textile waste that fill our landfills. Much of this waste comes from poor quality corporate giveaways & event tees that are sourced through companies who produce generic quality goods made overseas.

Your products should uphold and promote the same great standard of quality associated with your school, organization or event.

The Uplifters label is a specialty clothing line made in Los Angeles from local resources, often with 100% organic cotton, and with thoughtful design details.
 For more information and to discuss your individual needs, contact us below!
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