Customize your Unisex Tee

Heather Grey
Make it personal, now online!
Personalize the Unisex tee and be an Uplifter
Our coveting unisex fit.
Made in organic cotton, cut & sewn in our Arts District HQ.


Design with intention...
  1. Choose from our classic two colors: Heather Grey or Organic White.
  2. Choose your material: Flock or Vinyl. Flock has a fuzzy texture, while Vinyl has a smooth finish. Most of our souvenir tees are printed with flock.
  3. Get wordy: Get creative with your phrase.
  4. Patch it up! All of our tees come with a tiny patch placed on the left sleeve. 
Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment.

To add a custom graphic to your tee or place a larger order,
email us 

Make sure to tag us in your custom Uplifters!