Custom Chainstitch Vintaged Sweatshirt

Create your own chainstitch drop shoulder sweatshirt by customizing the front with chainstitch embroidery.
Select up to 12 characters and/or a motif in four different thread colors
Design with intention...
  1. Choose your size: x-small through x-large
  2. Choose a color sweatshirt:  heather grey, sky blue, forest green or neon pink
  3. Get wordy: Get creative with your phrase or word
  4. Change one letter to: a palm tree or a heart*
  5. Choose your thread color: ivory, black, golden or forest green
The Custom Chainstitch Sweatshirt is our classic fleece vintage-style sweatshirt with raglan sleeve detail.
Get creative with your words and choose to change one letter into a palm tree or a heart!
Please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

To add a custom graphic to your tee or place a larger order,
email us 

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